Melissa Bozorgi

Medical Aesthetician

Melissa has been a skin care and permanent hair removal professional since 1993.

A certified Medical Aesthetician since 2000, expert in ND-YAG Cutera laser technology performing vein, hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Her expertise includes over 38,000 hours of electrolysis for permanent facial and body hair removal using the Proteous and Fisher systems.

Melissa continued her profession by practicing with different technology such as IPL, Limelight, Sciton, light Sheer Diode, Velasmooth, Aesthera PPX and Elos.

She specializes in Laser Vein, Nail Fungus and Scar therapy with nearly 30,000 combined treatment hours.

Melissa would be happy to provide her professional advice on the best treatment methods specific to your hair and skin conditions as well as the various proven products and treatments we offer.

You can take advantage of her 23 years of experience and book yourself for free consult.

Cecilia Albino

Medical Aesthetician

Cecilia is a certified medical esthetician and has been in practice since 1994.

A skin care professional, she is an expert in laser vein removal, skin rejuvenation, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, IPL Cutera, cellulite and fat cell treatment and with nearly 20,000 treatment hours.

She also specializes in laser nail fungus removal and laser hair removal using the highly advance ND- YAG laser technology with nearly 20,000 treatment hours.

Cecilia is also experienced in electrolysis with over 38,000 treatment hours for permanent facial and body hair removal using the Proteous and Fisher system.

As a highly experienced medical aesthetic professional Cecilia will gladly share her knowledge with you, call for free consultation.

Dr. Harry Krakowsky

Dr. Krakowsky continues to maintain his special interest in aging skin and the treatment of acne. With so many varied products and methods presently on the market to help us age gracefully.

In order to ensure you are getting the best care, Dr. Krakowsky is committed to ongoing medical education to stay current and leading edge. His primary goal is to prove that one can overcome the signs of aging skin by creating a specific, customized program. His solutions are safe, simple and require almost no downtime. He prides himself on achieving natural, beautiful results. Over the course of his career as a physician, Dr. Krakowsky has developed a very strong interest in the effects of aging on the skin, how skin changes over time, and what can be done about it. In fact, he has grown, along with his patients, from the "challenge of acne" to meeting the "challenge of aging skin".